1980s Vintage Dress

80’s directions of fashion and the icon items of clothing in this time

The dictates of 80’s fashion have been: disorder, chaos, exaggeration, flashiness, extravagance and carefreeness, these principles were quite the opposite 50’s and 60’s principles of fashion.
Dresses are not harmonic and perfect composition of geometric shapes anymore, but they are designed with irregular fluid and free geometric shapes that join together according a casual logic so that they create the sense of disorder and the concept of freedom. The slogan of this fashion has been: dare without restraints.

The trends of this fashion have been launched by the pop singer Madonna by means of the music video: “like a virgin”, they have been inspired by the movie “Flashdance”, by American TV series like the Robinsons, also inspired by metal and rock music. These trends are being immediately followed by young Italians of that time, as they simmered with transgression, freedom, crazy fun and change desire.

This time is above all a turning point for female fashion, clothes reflected women’s will to retaliate against the man’s world, their desire to change their life style, their desire for freedom, their aim to provoke with their womanhood, their aim to be successful and get ahead.

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These years women want to wear comfortable clothes, but they also want to play with necklines to seduce the male sex. Madonna is the woman that made fuseaux, gloves with holes, tulle and lace miniskirt a thing, but she also launched the sporty clothes fashion: tracksuits, legwarmers and sweaters. She also launched the cult of athletic body fashion.

80’s fashion guided by excess principle leaded to the use of fluo and bright colours, to the game of colours, to the use of kind of fancy prints on shirts. At this time you have polka dots and striped shirts, extra large shirt or blouse, shirts with asymmetric cuts, necklines, matching of large shirt with tight pants, skirts worn on pants.

The fabric that have been used are the pleather, the Denim, the organza, the tartan plaid, the pleated jersey, the graffiti style and the duchess Satine.

The icon items of clothing of this time: oversize jacket, big shoulder pads, blazer, polka dot striped or fluo fuseaux, tulle or lace puffy skirts, white extra-large t-shirt with prints, high-waisted jeans (Levis Strass 501 model), crop top, fishnet or perforated shirts and shirts with bat sleeves.

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