Artisanal vintage dress

Artisanal vintage dresses have traditionally been dresses wholly designed and handmade by tailors.
The activity of dressmaking dates back the Middle Ages. Nowadays the term “artisanal vintage dress” is also intended as haute couture dress, designed and made by more figures; the tailor is a collaborator with his craftsman hands talent, the main figure is the fashion stylist, who is the creator of the physical part and the conceptual part of the dress.Artisanal vintage dresses have a big value, they are prestigious. They show a monumental beauty, an ornamental character, these aspects are due to a range of factors like: the sartorial processing techniques, the tissues used, the attention to details and the decorations chosen with refined esthetical taste.


Everything is handmade: the design, the cut, the sewing, the refinement, the embroidery, the laces, the ruffles, the tincture, the sequin, jewels or decorative elements application or the pictures painted. Very fine tissues like the cotton, the silk, the cachemire, the wool, the jersey, the viscose, the satin and the flannel are worked by excellent craftsman hands. The careful selection of fabrics, the craftsmen work, the attention to every little detail, allow the production of unique, original, sophisticated dresses, result of the great fashion stylist’s creativity.

Artisanal vintage dresses are therefore guarantee of high tissues quality and sartorial perfection.
They show royal elegance, sophistication, finesse and esthetical taste. Besides the exterior sophistication, they are also very comfortable, they fit bodies very well.

That’s not the word simplicity that characterizes these dresses, but the word refinement.
The embroidery, the decorations, the ruffles handmade make the dresses like glamorous and admirable diamonds.

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