Artisanal vintage dress

Artisanal vintage dresses have traditionally been dresses wholly designed and handmade by tailors. The activity of dressmaking dates back the Middle Ages. Nowadays the term “artisanal vintage dress” is also intended as haute couture dress, designed and made by more figures; the tailor is a collaborator with his craftsman hands talent, the main figure is […]

Fashion styles

Fashion styles proposed by haute-couture Italian fashion stylist in 80s Some of 80s Italian fashion stylists like Versace, Moschino, Coveri e Dolce & Gabbana welcomed some of the principles of fashion trends launched by American Artists, supporting one of these ones in a particular way, other fashion stylist like Armani, Ferrè, Biagiotti and Krizia were […]

1980s Vintage Dress

80’s directions of fashion and the icon items of clothing in this time The dictates of 80’s fashion have been: disorder, chaos, exaggeration, flashiness, extravagance and carefreeness, these principles were quite the opposite 50’s and 60’s principles of fashion. Dresses are not harmonic and perfect composition of geometric shapes anymore, but they are designed with […]

Laura Biagiotti

Today the Italian fashion world has taken the loss of one of the greatest Italian stylist of the 1970s and 1980s, Laura Biagiotti, Roman stylist born in 1943 year. She passed away this morning at the hospital because of cardiac problems. A fifty years work history, a record of success and lots of awards. She […]

Gianfranco Ferrè style throughout his clothing and accessories creations.

Gianfranco Ferrè’s style is characterized by distinctive and peculiar features, it is a unique and incomparable style. Among the distinctive features it can be mentioned the predominance of geometric shapes, plane and curvilinear shapes settled together to create the harmonic and charming context present in the nature and cosmos. Beyond the geometric shapes, another feature […]