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Original Gift Ideas: Choose the Vintage


Gift ideas. Do you want to make an original gift? Choose the Vintage

Who wouldn't want to receive an original, unique gift that remains in the heart? A classy, special, nostalgic gift. That you remember a period, that I recreated an atmosphere. What's better than an 80's Hermes scarf? Or a beautiful Prada Vintage leather jacket

A gift with a story

If Christmas is coming or you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, do not be reduced to the last minute. Many get caught up in the frenzy of the last few days. Why, when can you start thinking about it now? And make original gifts without unstuck from the armchair? Are you thinking about the usual gift ideas? Usual Christmas sweater? A red socks with snowflakes? Don't be so conventional. Be authenticextravagant. Focus on who will receive the gift, on their passions and try to build a story around the gift you have in mind. Indeed, if the gift itself already has a story, you are already halfway through work. You are thinking of an original gift!

A Vintage Gift is a Unique Gift

When you think about what to give to your loved ones, the questions you ask yourself are many. Like for example: "Will he like it?" "Will you be satisfied?" "What if he already has it?" Who hasn't happened to receive a duplicate? A gift to be recycled? Seeing the disappointment in the eyes of those who discard yet another pair of wool gloves is not for us. So let's get to the point. A vintage gift is one of a kind. And since Christmas is the season of waste, but not only, why not think of a sustainable gift? Vintage clothing is never in decline. Choose a vintage shirt from the 90s, or a pair of vintage handmade boots, with buckles and zippers. A vintage organza and chiffon vintage hat, a hair clip, a simple Gucci cap. All this is synonymous with style and elegance.

Gift Ideas for Her - Vintage Women's Clothing

If you are looking for a gift for her, think about when before going out, she says the usual phrase "I don't know what to wear!" and start considering everything you could give her. What are your favorite destinations? Where do you usually go? For example, if you often go to the theater, it will be super proud to wear a Dolce e Gabbana 80s vintage coat, long model, with double-breasted and logoed buttons. If, on the other hand, your password is "movida", if you are a party lover, think of a cocktail dress, a vintage 70s dress with a precious and extravagant fabric.

Do not think only of vintage clothing, but also of unique vintage bags. The smell of a vintage Versace leather bag from the 1980s is a journey through time. What type of bag does your partner usually use? Large and roomy to put a thousand useless things into it? Then opt for a bucket bag, comfortable and spacious. Or a vintage backpack to use in your free time if you often take long walks. If, on the other hand, she is more of a clutch bag type, you will make her happy with a Fendi handbag or a small Salvatore Ferragamo shoulder bag.

original woman gift

Gift Ideas for Him - Vintage Men's Clothing

The vintage style on a man is synonymous with elegance and singularity. If you want an original gift idea here you will find goodies that you must not miss. What comes to your mind if you think of vintage men's clothing? What is the garment with which you would make your partner's eyes shine? A vintage casual shirt to wear every day? Pinstripe, striped, colorful? Or an elegant Balmain for a special occasion? If he is a businessman, he will certainly appreciate a vintage suit that makes him look confident, like a comfortable vintage wool and cashmere suit in which he will feel comfortable. If you want to give it a garment that stands out its authority, choose a vintage double-breasted 90s jacket, it will be elegant and with an influential style. What if we leave? Are you opting for a nice warm location, to disconnect from everyday life? Then choose a vintage linen suit in light colors, fresh and refined. A simple vintage hat with a visor may also be fine, or if you want to follow the trend, choose a fisherman style hat, perhaps reversible, so you can combine it with more outfits.

original man gift

Accessories - Man and Woman

Vintage clothes are not the only gift idea. What do you think of an accessory? Vintage accessories are highly appreciated unique pieces. They make the look unique and peculiar, inimitable. Have you already considered vintage sunglasses? This year there is a timeless classic for women: the 50's glasses, also called "cat's eyes", black, colored or tortoiseshell.

For men, however, an accessory that must never be missing is the tie. But how do you choose it? 50's or 30's vintage tie? Hermes or Gucci tieSilk or wool? Indulge yourself in exclusive invoices, floral textures, striped and polka dot themes. Remember that the tie reflects very much the character of the wearer. If it's for an eccentric and self-confident man, choose a whimsical and bizarre plot. If it is for a more shy and reserved person, he will certainly prefer a more sober, solid color tie with soft colors.

The key word is: Precious

A precious gift is not for everyone, and it cannot be given at any occasion. But when you decide to do it, it will be an unforgettable day for those who receive it. Let's say that with a jewel you always go on the safe side. At Christmas and beyond, it is customary to give famous brands and then we all find ourselves with the same bracelet. A vintage bracelet, on the other hand, is exclusive and you can only see it on your wrist. What are you waiting for? Give your partner the characteristic of being unique.

precious vintage gift

Where to Buy Vintage

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