Arisa and Dedè Couture Vintage Dresses

I feel good

Arisa indossa alcuni vestiti vintage di Dedè Couture!!!

Well yes, I feel good and excited by this experience
I still can't believe it, yes when Arisa contacted me I was not in the skin! I thought .... It can't happen to me !!! But yes.

Arisa extravagant in her look of hers, but sweet and sensitive when she sings her songs about her! Her refined and retro look made her enter my vintage world ...

What a surprise when for the launch of her album I feel good and for the participation in Sanremo 2019 she chose some clothes from my vintage collection.

And here is this fantastic vintage dress by Salvatore Ferragamo from the 90s to check out among her preferences. Simple, but which at the same time contains elegance and boldness.

Enchanting, one of my favorites, I would have bet, that dress has always made me dream!

arisa wear vintage clothing

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