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History of fashion in the years

The history of fashion

100 years of fashion - History and evolution from 1920s to 2020s

To fully understand an era, just dwell on the history of fashion and trends. Always evolving, fashion transforms, changes year after year. Past eras are characterized by traditional fashions and counterculture trends, but there is always a common thread that unites them: society. Starting from the 1920s we will see a real evolution, of thought and culture and how these influence the way of life, dressing, hairstyles, make-up and much more. Let's start our journey through time!

The 1920s

The 1920s are synonymous with rebirth, change. These are the keywords that fully describe this era. The First World War has just ended and the company wants to impose itself and prevail over everything. The woman renews the way of dressing and appearing, wants to have fun, smokes, drives the car, goes wild in the dance halls. Charleston is born. The current fashion is made of elegant clothes, fringes, beads, feathers, sequins, flashy and comfortable outfits to be able to move freely. Precise and studied make-up, simple hairstyles, short cuts, hats and bangs. What about shoes? High, but comfortable to be able to rampage on the track. Coco Chanel is the idol of the moment. In this era of innovation, he manages to create his own style and make it enjoyable to the whole world. The fashion of little black dress, of tailleur in tweed and jersey and of the perfume: Chanel No. 5 .

1920s fashion

The 1930s

The 30s fashion is smart fashion. Women prefer to sew on their own, following patterns, magazines, catalogs. Comfort prevails over elegance and women... wear pants! In earlier times this would have been unacceptable. But in the 30s the jeans, the country style, the high waist marked by a belt, big collars and the tartan! At the same time the market launches synthetic fibers: Nylon arrives and with it tights. Finally women also show off their shapes in the evening dresses which wrap the body and open to sensual necklines on the back. As for make-up, the lips are very important with red lipstick. What about eyelashes? Black more than ever!

1930s fashion

The 1940s

In the 1940s the bikini was born. Start from here. Because, this costume was born to save fabric. The government had to ration the materials that would mainly serve to make the uniforms for the military at the front. And so the woman discovers her body even more. The skirts are shortened and the legs acquire importance. Those who could not afford the much loved nylon stockings, drew a long black line at the center of the legs, on the back. What does it remind you of? Pin-ups are born. Shapely bodies, lingerie often in view, but sensuality is natural, ironic. Full skirts, narrow waist, ballet flats. Pois. Pois. Pois! Super short bangs, waves, long hair. Cat-eyered lipstick, perfect skin. And not least, the gestures: it happens, for example, that the wind lifts the skirt of a pin up, or that a fishing hook takes off her bikini! At the same time, in Italy, the atelier of Sorelle FontanaTheir clothes cross Italian borders, bringing our fashion to the top. The Sorelle Fontana with their clothes have dressed numerous Hollywood actresses, including Audrey HepburnGrace Kelly, and Liz Taylor.

1940s fashion

The 1950s

Beautiful and sad as Marilyn . His image is now an icon of the 1950s . So popular, he risks diminishing what his real contribution to fashion has been. Marilyn Monroe is a true " influencer" of fashion in the 50s. With her daily outfits, she influences the way women dress. High-waisted jeans white shirts camel coats with belt . And how can we forget the pleated dress in golden lamé for "Men prefer blondes" or see-through dress , decorated with beads, which apparently sewed them on the set of the film. The eyeliner is inevitable. As well as the neo drawn on the face. The skin is perfect and hydrated, thanks to the new face creams that all go crazy!

1950s fashion

The 1960s

Mini skirt , uncoordinated posture, unique eyelashes, yes, we are talking about Twiggy. The fashion of the 60s follows its look. Especially when he launches the new and scandalous miniskirt . Its long and slender legs overturn the canons of fashion, launching new trends, up to conquering the covers of Elle and Vogue. In the meantime, while Twiggy conquers the catwalks all over the world, on the other side, the Hippies, the children of the flowers , are born. And there were so many flowers on their floral clothes: a riot of colors, loose and light dressespsychedelic patternsfloral prints and high wedges. The wardrobes smell of freedom.

fashion 1960s

The 1970s

Sex, drug & rock’n’roll . Epoch of glamor , of legendary rock stars , of glitter and disco music . Stars like David Bowie play with gender identity, redefining the boundaries between male and female. The use of jeans and sneakers overalls and suits genderless they are all inventions of this era. Excess, sparkling outfits, maxi lengths. The disc-style suits, showy and tight with their acid colors, stood out. Linear, unisex suits, with blazer, palazzo trousers. Turbans, high boots, fur jackets. Skirts wide, flounces, ethnic. And the maxi dress, iconic garment of this decade.

1970s fashion

The 1980s

Years pass and society changes. We have reached the economic boom, the models of perfect and conservative society. But it is precisely the time when young people fully express their unease. In London , the Punk is born, a non-movement that rejects everything and everyone. The ugly aesthetic is born. Anger, desire for protest. Young people wear dirty, indecorous, mistreated clothes, reminiscent of the factory workers' uniforms, and together, they match us jackets and ties that refer to the clothing of the bourgeoisie. In parallel, the skater's clothing acquires importance. Streetwear appears in the New York suburbs. Culture hip hop was born, loose jeans oversized sweatshirts Converse shoes.

fashion 1980s

The 1990s

The 90s arrive between T op Model , catwalks, the style of the paninari and the big names in Italian fashion. Between Spice Girl and Backstreet Boys are born the bomber jacket , the Dr. Martens , the nail in leather , the shirts with checks and the grunge fake unkempt style. The sweaters cropped discover the navel, the Choker and the outfits completely in denim are worn by stars such as Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera . And with the Chunky style, the much-loved shoes Buffalo are born, which today, in 2000, are back in vogue among the girls. Together with the elegant models like Kate Moss , the logo-mania of Christian Dior and Dolce and Gabbana , over the years 90 was born, in countertendency, the Raver style, exaggerated. A youth subculture that begins in the United Kingdom and France, and then spreads to the rest of the continent. Wide pants and sagging, oversized t-shirts, tracksuits with iridescent colors, platform shoes and many more, many piercings . The first Cyber​​, humans in symbiosis with technology, with the first Cyber ​​Dread, the phosphorescent glowstick, the use of the Pvc. New famous brands appear like Cyberdog, PlastikWrap, Spacetrip.

1990s fashion

The 2000s

The icon of the 2000s for all teenagers is definitely Paris Hilton . And if you name Paris, you can't help but think of a color: pink . Strictly low-waisted pink jumpsuit, micro top, Carrera glasses, and Pinko Bag . Belt jewel D&G , very high wedges and Bucket Hat , known by many as the fisherman hat. The tracksuits are worn by everyone, especially the Adidas ones. From acetate models, to those in cotton, flared, with side buttons. The suit becomes the new Must Have of the moment. In these years together with the Dr. Martens, the platform wedges and sneakers, the Sabot, the famous shoes with the uncovered heel, are very popular. The tartan is also back, which gives the more formal outfits a dandy touch.

2000s fashion

The 2010s

Our journey through time ends in 2010 and fashion has never changed much in 10 years. Here's what happened: it was understood that Big Brands will exist forever, thanks to diversified consumption. Again there is almost nothing, today's fashion is a mix of 100 years of trends . The freedom of thought of our years is reflected in the multiple styles that each of us has. One day put on the suit, the next day dress and tights. Bomber jackets and sneakers in the morning, coat and décolleté in the evening. Everyone dresses as they want , and the beauty is just that.

2020 has just begun... what will we have in store? Today everything is possible!

fashion in the 2000s

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