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Vintage Shop: he who seeks finds

Vintage shop: when you enter a vintage shop you never know what you find!

The vintage shops are gradually taking hold all over the world, magical places where culture merges with fashion, you enter and you never know what you can find. How nice for how long I've been looking for it: it will be mine. Vintage fashion, considered a luxury by an authoritative fashion magazine, is spreading throughout the world even among the youngest.

You want to be different, you want to leave a mark, wearing vintage clothing is becoming a status symbol. Mixing styles, perhaps combining a Gucci bag from the 80s with an oversized blazer, makes us unique, out of the standard.

For this and other reasons, vintage shops are increasingly growing. But let's see together what they are and where we can find them. The vintage shops are containers where we find vintage clothing, bags and accessories from different periods and styles. The most popular are those that have a selection of only designer clothes. They are present both in physical stores, often in historic centers, or as in our case online. We will now try together to analyze why this phenomenon is exploding

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Each vintage item is unique

Who doesn't like being unique? To nobody. Yes, in any vintage shop you will never find an article equal to another, each article is unique, just waiting for you, do not miss it. This is certainly one of the main reasons why people love vintage. You will never find, or it will be really difficult, how impossible, to find a vintage jacket, a shirt, a skirt or any other article that is the same as another. There could be some exceptions for vintage bags or accessories, here the speech changes a bit, but the bags are icons so nobody minds having a vintage Gucci, Luis Vuitton or Hermes bag the same as another. At least the girls on our staff think so!

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The fabrics of the past are magical

Sad truth! Anyone in his life who has walked into a vintage shop can confirm this. In fact, it was one of the reasons why we became fond of the vintage world and transformed our passion into work. "Do what you love and you won't work even a day in your life" said Confucius. We haven't worked for nearly 10 years...????

This was the main reason that drove us, almost 10 years ago, to become passionate about vintage clothing. We were on vacation when suddenly, in a secluded street in a historic center, a vintage shop appeared. We were immediately attracted by the air that was breathed inside peeking the window, we had a "normal" clothing store, we wanted to see what was inside and we entered. We were immediately enveloped by a strange sensation, we breathed a strange air, those clothes spoke, we touched them. It was love at first sight! 

While working for important brands, we had never felt the warmth that those fabrics gave off, they were different. We immediately thought how it was possible that a Missoni jacket from the 80s still retained that brilliance and the fabric was not worn at all. We were left speechless and together with my partner we began to fantasize. And this is how Dedè Couture was born.

I would spend hours describing the reasons why vintage shops are magical, but I don't want to bore you. I invite you to try this magic for yourself, take a dip in our world, and have a good trip

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