1980s fashion

80s Fashion: Styles and Trends

80’s fashion

80’s where a decade of style, colors and bold silhouettes. With trends like ripped jeans, leather trousers and oversize shiny jacket and blazers, the icons which characterized the style of those years are Joan Jett and Joan Collins. The 80’s have been one of the most eclectic decades in the history of fashion. And if you like it or not: the 80’s are back in full force.

80s fashion

80’s style

From the big straps to the extravagant suits and everything between, some of the key looks of that time are making a comeback, and we find them constantly in the collections of these years. Let yourself be inspired taking a look to some of our more memorable style articles of the decade. Tired of the minimal style, in this period there is a change in the air. The reason is that we feel more standardized with all these simplistic styles, which characterized the minimalist style. For this reason stylists and style stars have been carrying on a new wave of alternative fashion that takes it cue directly from the 80’s.

Lively colors and refined styles are making fashion interesting and audacious again, taking back the attractive and cheerful style of the 80’s to our days. This trend of the 80’s fashion gives to your wardrobe a new and glamorous sense of style. 80’s fashion concerned the excess. Everything was big, bold and absolutely colored.

During the day, women used to wear extravagant dresses and jacket or coats with big straps to prove that they were as powerful as man. In the evening, the style was features by sequins.

80s sequin dresses

What has characterized the 80’s

The love for important brands and labels of the best stylists has been the big characteristic for all the 80’s decade. Around the second half of the 80’s, the color left his place for the punk look, that started to be a trendsetter thank to the celebrities of the period. When we think at the 80’s fashion, the words “oversize and shiny” summarize it fully. It has been an important decade also for unusual hairstyles, long and voluminous hair which fell on padded straps, colors and fantasies of almost high beam textures. 80’s fashion concerned materialistic values and ostentation of richness. To have the right clothes meant spending extra money to buy brands of famous stylists and accessories and bags as long as they had well in evidence the logo of the brand: the logomania. Although the adolescents have surely had a key role, for the first time, fashion isn’t dictated only by the young people. The 80’s gave birth to a lot of role models compared to any other previous decade.

80’s influencers

it’s hard to think now, but in the 80’s there were no cellphones with cameras or internet. Television offered only few channels and to watch a film was a luxury. The only sources of information of those years were magazines, in which there where advertising that offered inspiration on the fashion and the tendencies of those years. The limited exposition to the fashion’s tendencies gave to a selected group of celebrities and musical groups the possibility to exercise a significant influence on the 80’s fashion’s tendencies.

80s magazines

80’s most used shoes?

The most fashionable shoes of the 80’s included Jordan, Dr. Martens (strong boots), sneakers like slip-on Vans Classic, Adidas Campus, for women décolleté with medium heel and Mary Janes (low and closed shoes), Jellies (low and opened shoes) and loafers.

80’s most used clothes?

The most popular clothes worn in the 80’s by men included Oxford’s men’s shirts, as well as shorts, polo and turtleneck. Unmissable the suspenders, linen pinstriped suits, jackets and trousers in ribbed velvet. For women, 80’s style was characterized by high waist jeans (premaman jeans), tight trousers, stripped jeans in elasticized spandex and lycra textures, tailleur with covered shoulder (usually with skirts), leather jeans jackets in punk style.

80’s most popular accessories?

In the 80’s, nothing was left to chance, there was a very big interest on accessories. The most fashionable articles included leggings, leg wraps on, no-finger gloves, plastic bracelets, big funky neon and very colorful earrings, fishnet stockings, bumbags/pouches and pearl necklaces.

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