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Gianfranco Ferrè: "Fashion Architect"

The style of Gianfranco Ferrè in his creations of clothing and accessories.

The style of Gianfranco Ferrè is a style with distinctive and distinctive features, unmistakable and unparalleled. Among the distinctive and peculiar traits we have the predominance of geometric shapes, flat and curvilinear forms composed of each other to create the harmonious and fascinating context present in nature and in the cosmos. In addition to geometric shapes, another characteristic trait is the essential: there are no unnecessary frills, but only harmonic elements, no jumble of colors, but the prevalence of monochrome.


There is also room for animal decorations or with a Baroque style motif, the designer shows his interest in exotic charm and captivating baroque style; despite inserting these decorations into his creations, the principle of harmony always remains the main principle.

Light and Shadow

Another feature of his style is the enchanting and enchanting effect of light and shadow that fits into the play of geometric shapes. This effect is created in the accessories with the color scale, going from the darkest to the softest and with the technique of draping in clothing. Lights and shadows and drapery create volumes, everything gives a special and magical effect and the viewer is enveloped.

Art and Beauty

His style is unmistakable for the artistic beauty of his productions. Her creations are in fact works of art, recall the eyes and the mind and invite her to a pleasant experience of senses, have intrinsic and extrinsic value: intrinsic value for the underlying philosophical thought and extrinsic value for the external beauty, date from the skilful play of forms. The external beauty explicates the essence, is the concretization of mental concepts. The designer through his creations communicates the beauty of linearity, sobriety, the precision of the wonderful and perfect cosmos and nature. It shares the principles of Greek and Renaissance art, so beauty coincides with order, precision and perfection. Each line has its own order and is placed within a harmonious context.

The harmony is given by the balance of each component.

His creations are proof of skilful design and excellent tailoring, their beauty and refinement comes from the use of high quality fabrics and materials, worked by expert craftsmen and technicians.
His style is unparalleled as well as for sartorial excellence and harmonious beauty, for elegance, for the power of seduction and glamor. It is a style that arouses charm and hypnotizes like a human presence of admirable beauty, it raptures the soul like a deep poetry, it makes you abandon like a marvelous musical symphony.

The style of this artist defined in four words is art, poetry, music and beauty of the cosmic space. This style, like all these artistic forms, does not prescind from the laws of nature, perfect and indomitable laws. The artisan stylist of geometric shapes, with his art gives free space to his emotions and exalts the perfect and logical laws of nature. The beauty lies in the free expression of the ideas and emotions of this artist and in the domain of beauty by nature with its geometric shapes.

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