1980s fashion designer

Italian fashion designers of the 80s

The "haute-couture" of those years

Some of 80s Italian fashion stylists like VersaceMoschinoCoveri e Dolce & Gabbana welcomed some of the principles of fashion trends launched by American Artists, supporting one of these ones in a particular way, other fashion stylist like Armani, Ferrè, Biagiotti and Krizia were counter-trend, they refused the excess principle and chose the principle of sobriety, elegance and soft sensuality.

Both fashion stylist in trend and those ones counter-trend gave start to the made in Italy making 80s Italian fashion great.

Versace, as well as MoschinoCoveri and Dolce e Gabbana followed the trend of bright and colorful colors for the item of clothing, and in their creations played with colors in a funny way.
The bright color sometimes communicated transgression and flashiness, sometimes it was bringer of cheerfulness and carefreeness.

Counter-trend fashion stylists had preference for some colors; Armani had fondness for the pearled grey, the Tibetan red and blue sea, Ferrè and Biagiotti had predilection for white color and light colors, but they also liked the red color, Krizia liked the golden color.

In eighties the Italian fashion started to be expression of personality, of political ideas, of life philosophy, of aesthetic taste, it is not just expression of social status as before.

Many fashion stiles were proposed in those years. Armani proposed an excessive bon ton styles, he designed the unisex clothing line by mean of the business suit with a new reformulation of the male jacket, making it suitable for women, he designed the dress for the career woman.

Versace and Dolce & Gabbana proposed an erotic chic style, sexy and transgressive style, designed tight leather dresses with golden studs or metallic elements and transparent dresses.

Dolce & Gabbana let the underwear to be shown outside the trousers.

Moschino and Coveri proposed a funny and carefree style. Moschino proposed dresses with prints like play cards, comics captions, cartoon characters or pictures of animals.

Coveri proposed multicolor dresses with funny pictures.

Ferrè proposed an elegant and simple style, his dresses are harmonic compositions of geometric shapes ready to be admired as they were architectural works or pieces of furniture.

Biagiotti proposed a romantic and candid womanhood style, using soft tissues inspiring sweetness, creating dolls and fairy dresses.

Krizia proposed the glitchy queen style, she used the ruffles a lot. Krizia’s golden pleated dress with ruffles on the neck is one of her famous creations.

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