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Do the sizes corrispond to today’s sizes?

No. Check carefully the measurements in centimetres in the item description. Read our Size Guide

How are the measurements taken for each item?

All items are taken with the item lying flat. Read SIZE GUIDE

How quickly will my order arrive?

We send our order on the same day as parcasse or the following working day. Read our SHIPPING POLICY

Which courier service is used for delivery?

We use DHL Express Courier worldwide for our delivery needs

Can I send an item back after purchase?

Yes, you can return purchased items following the established terms. Read RETURN POLICY

Have all the items been sanitised?

Yes, each item has undergone a delicate cleaning cycle.

Is it necessary to wash the item?

Yes. Our system sanitizes the item but we advise you to bash it using an appropriate cleaning service.

Are all items authentic vintage?

Yes, all our items are authentic vintage.

Who do the items belong to?

All the items are from private collections or suppliers specialising in vintage clothing and accessories.

Can I sell an item of vintage clothing?

Yes you can offer an item for sale using our contact.

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