Gianfranco Ferrè style throughout his clothing and accessories creations.

Gianfranco Ferrè’s style is characterized by distinctive and peculiar features, it is a unique and incomparable style. Among the distinctive features it can be mentioned the predominance of geometric shapes, plane and curvilinear shapes settled together to create the harmonic and charming context present in the nature and cosmos. Beyond the geometric shapes, another feature is the essentiality: there are no useless frills, but only harmonic elements, no jumble of colours, but prevalence of monochrome.

There is space for Animalier or Baroque style decorations on item clothing, the stylist shows his interest for the exotic fascination and for the captivating Baroque style; although he inserts these decorations in his creations, the principle of harmony remains always the prince principle. Another characteristics of his style is the enchanting and charming effect of light and shadow that fits the geometric shapes show. This effect is created in the accessories like bags with a colour scale, going from dark shade to soft shade and with the draping technique in clothing items. Light and shadow, and the draping create volumes, the whole thing gives a special and magic effect, who looks at it, remains wrapped.

His style is unique for the artistic beauty of his clothing items and accessories. His creations are works of art , they call eyes and mind and invite this last one to have a pleasant experience of senses; they have intrinsic and extrinsic value: intrinsic value for the underlying philosophical thought and the extrinsic value for the external beauty, created by the skilful shapes play. The external beauty makes clear the essence, it is the materialisation of mental concepts.

The stylist throughout his creations expresses the beauty of the linearity, of sobriety, of the precision of the wonderful and perfect cosmos and nature. He shares the principles of Greek and Renaissance Art, the beauty coincides with order, precision and perfection. Every line or element has got its order, it is collocated within an  harmonic context. The harmony is given by the balance among the components.

His creations are evidence of savant design and excellent sartorial, their beauty and finesse come from the use of high quality fabrics and material worked by expert craftsmen and technicians.

His style is incomparable for the sartorial excellence and harmonic beauty, for the elegance, for its seduction power and its glamour. This style gives rise to fascination, hypnotizes like the admirable beauty of  a human presence, it steals the soul as a deep poetry, makes you surrender yourself to the wonderful musical symphony. The style of this artist defined in four words is Art, poetry, music and beauty of cosmic space. This style, as all these artistic forms, considers the perfect and indomitable laws of nature.

Ferrè, as geometric shapes artisan, throughout his Art, gives free space to his emotion, exalts the perfect and logical laws of nature. The beauty is in this artist’s  expression of feelings and ideas and in the nature’s beauty dominion with its geometric shapes.

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