Laura Biagiotti

Today the Italian fashion world has taken the loss of one of the greatest Italian stylist of the 1970s and 1980s, Laura Biagiotti, Roman stylist born in 1943 year. She passed away this morning at the hospital because of cardiac problems.

A fifty years work history, a record of success and lots of awards. She launched “the made in Italy” abroad as well as Ferrè and Armani. She begun in 1972 with the first fashion show. Not only she conquered the interest of European fashion world, but also of American and Chinese fashion world, she was indeed the first Italian to show her fashion collection at Pechino in 1988 and at Mosca in 1995 .

Her name will be remembered forever, it will go on with her daughter Lavinia Biagiotti. She will be remembered as the “queen of cachemere”, this textile fabric was one of her beloved fabrics, she used it a lot in her creations, another favourite fabric used by her was the linen. She will be also remembered as the white colour stylist, the white is the colour of most of her dresses. White colour was not just a colour to her, was a life philosophy, the colour that mostly remembers the infinity and the purity of sky.

Laura created the style of the doll, romantic, candid woman, of the sweet and elegant womanhood. She stood out and became famous for some items of clothing: the gown and the long and large shirts that work as dress. The sleeves of the dresses designed by her are often large, long and bell-shaped. Beyond large gowns, she created soft lines, geometric cuts dresses, dresses with transparent veils, dresses with needlepoint and perforated shirts. The tissue processing was the most important thing to her, another important thing was the use of some colours: white, red, but also some subdued colours like turquoise, coral, pink, violet and blue. Laces, floral or geometric prints. Her style is soft, sweet, elegant, floating. These colours liberate light, communicate sweetness.

Today Italian fashion world has lost the stylist that exalted the sober, candid womanhood, the stylist that by means of her dresses created the emotion of the sea breeze, the elegance of a porcelain vase, evocated the pearl of moonlight, the shining and the sweetness of pearls and corals.


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