Collection: Gianfranco Ferrè

The beginning of Gianfranco Ferrè in the world of fashion dates back to the 1970s, as the creator of costume jewelery and accessories. The designer then travels to India where he lives for several years dedicating himself to research, the Ketch collection and the birth of women's Prêt-à-Porter. In 1978 the Maison Gianfranco Ferrè Spa was born, in 1989 the designer headed the French house Christian Dior. In 1982 he created the Gianfranco Ferrè Couture men's clothing and accessories line and these were the years in which the Gianfranco Ferrè Jeans line was born. The style of the Maison is a perfect combination of values ​​and innovation, between logic and dream and this is why the designer was called the architect of fashion, in love with his work and attracted by continuous research. Among his creations, structured jackets, coats and dresses with perfect and original cuts, the result of in-depth studies. Thus was born the white shirt for women, which refers to the male one but transformed into something special and passionate. The designer died in 2007, after a long illness and subsequently, the Maison had a trolley of white shirts paraded at the end of the catwalk. Lars Nilson took care of the artistic direction of the brand but for a short time then took over Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi replaced in 2011 by young designers.